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J24 Monday evening series

Apologies for the delay, but to catch up:

Monday 17th April.

1st race of the Spring series saw six J24s take to the start line but only two managed to finish due to the ever decreasing wind.

1st 4270 Jolly Roger
2nd 4074 Crackerjack
DNF 4263 Jobs for the Buoys
DNF 4266 Flying Colours
DNF 5647  XP Rigging

Monday 24th April.

I have it on good authority that it was only blowing 10 knots when we put it up, but closer to 20 knots when we took it down, 30 seconds, and a spectacular broach, later! Perhaps it was a bit enthusiastic flying a spinnaker with only three of us on board, but I blame the skipper, and so did our 13 year old helm!! Plenty of place changes and buoy roundings sorted the ones who could perform good sail handling, from the rest.
Crackerjack came back from a poor start to finish a creditable second behind Wijit who led from start to finish.

1st  4235 Wijit
2nd  4074  Crackerjack
3rd  4270  Jolly Roger
4th 4266  Flying Colours
5th  5647  XP Rigging
6th  4263  Jobs for the Buoys
7th  4239  ex Zaphod
8th  4067  Vinyl Solutions

Monday  1st May.

"That was AWESOME", the words of the other responsible adult on board, not mine. But at long last we managed to finish with boats behind us! There was not much sail handling required, although some boats carried spinnakers from Hutchins back to Channel marker 30. It was a reach followed by a reach followed by a close reach to the finish. But we came third out of six starters so did we care that there was no tacking and no gybing?

1st 4239  ex Zaphod (I shall find out her name soon)
2nd  4266  Flying Colours
3rd  4067  Vinyl Solutions
4th  5647  XP Rigging
5th  4270  Jolly Roger
6th  4263  Jobs for the Buoys

Therefore series so far:

1st   4270   Jolly Roger   9 points
2nd  4266  Flying Colours   12
3rd   4074  Crackerjack   13
4th  5647  XP Rigging   15
5th  4239  ex Zaphod   17
6th  4263  Jobs for the Buoys   18
7th  4235  Wijit   19
8th  4067  Vinyl Solutions   20



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