Thursday, 7 June 2018

Royal Motor YC Series

Well this light wind situation seems to be set in for a while. Unfortunately, last Thursday's RMYC race was cancelled due to fog banks rolling in and out of the harbour entrance.
The previous week Thursday 24th May was another light wind affair sailed within the confines of the harbour. Crackerjack and Jobs for the Buoys fought out a tacking duel to start the race, along the North Channel, which Crackerjack won, as she turned Hamish Race mark in the lead. This she kept until the finish. No grounding this time !!
Flying Colours came third, although the RM have not posted her result, and Wijt, unusually for her, was the back marker, in fourth.

Another result anomaly, featured Madeleine, on Thursday 17th May. She started a little late, but finished second but, again the RM have not posted her result.

So the series results might need a little looking at.....Miles ??

William Lack 
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Monday, 21 May 2018

Thursday 18th May

A calm Thursday evening, in a decreasing breeze, which threatened to become a zephyr, or even a race stopper, greeted the six J24s on 18th May, at the RMYC. An in harbour course, with a running start, along the North Channel, was set. Once again, despite being glacierly slow in getting their spinnaker set, Wijt took the lead and never gave it away.
Jobs for the Buoys and Crackerjack gave chase but the latter succumbed to the first grounding of the evening and had to start playing catch up. Madeleine started much later but, after spotting and following a brilliant tactical move by Crackerjack, found themselves competing at the top table. We, on Crackerjack, again found the mud so, generously, allowed Jobs for the Buoys to pip us at the post. Sadly Zaphod also found the mud but were unable to extricate themselves before everyone else had set off to the bar.

1st Wijt
2nd Madeleine
3rd Jobs for the Buoys
4th Crackerjack
5th Flying Colours
(DNF) Zaphod 

William Lack
mobile tel no. 0782 552 8413

Thursday 11th May

After a week's absence Crackerjack returned to the fray of the RMYC Thursday evening series on 11th May. An excellent windward / leeward course, (once outside the harbour) was set which meant place changing was possible. However, unlike our first race where everyone took a turn at leadership, Wijt rewrote the script and kept everyone else at bay throughout.
1st Wijt
2nd Jobs for the Buoys
3rd Flying Colours
4th Crackerjack
5th Zaphod
William Lack
mobile tel no. 0782 552 8413

Saturday, 28 April 2018

RMYC Thursday 26th April 2018

And so the new J24 season starts at the Royal Motor. It is good to be back. Now I am on board Crackerjack with the Butters family and foredeck man James.
On a cold and blustery Thursday evening we were joined by Wijt and Flying Colours as we were set a course into Studland Bay around Challys as the windward mark. Crackerjack took up the early running but Flying Colours were the first around the buoy. They held on almost to the finish but a small mistake with a spinnaker hoist and Andrew Hill's Wijt took advantage and squeezed over the finish line by a mere 8 seconds. Crackerjack followed a further 7 seconds, into third. 

William Lack
mobile tel no. 0782 552 8413

Sunday, 4 March 2018


Good Evening All

Please can I remind everyone to book your tickets for the pre-season social on the 24th of March, last years turnout was great but we seem to be lacking in enthusiasm this year!

As you all know it's a great start to the season so please do make an effort to come, bookings need to be made by the 10th so please see Eden's e-mail and get your crew booked in ASAP.

Another pressing matter is this years club duties, a few people have been very proactive in volunteering but we are still way short of our quota. Please can everyone ensure that there boat has volunteered for a minimum of 4 duties by this Friday, unfortunately I will have to "allocate" duties after that as the club has requested all duties are allocated before the season begins.

See you all soon.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Prizes & Subs

Evening all

With the season fast approaching it's time to gather the club trophies together for a pre-season prize giving.

As far as I know there's a trophy and a Westerly "Plaque" for the Spring, Summer & Autumn series. Please could those in possession (or those that know the whereabouts) of these prizes let me know?

Our faithful membership secretary has sent a gentle reminder for those that are yet to pay this seasons subs to please remit payment, BACS payments can be remitted to
Account Name - The UK J24 Class Association
Sort Code 60-22-45
Account No 72083409

Thanks all and see you on the water soon!