Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Monday 15th May 2017

It's that sinking feeling when you know there is nothing you can do but turn for home and get the fenders and warps out !! Yes that was our story on Monday when the main halliard flew past my right ear, having wound itself up through the mast, and was now trailing serenely in the water.
It seemed to be a case of how many DNCs. Jobs for the Buoys and Crackerjack lacked crew and XP Rigging were ensconced in exams. That left just four boats to fight it out over a short legged course which kept the sail handlers busy. I watched, with envy, via the telescope in the clubhouse as Wijit took command towards the penultimate mark, perfected an excellent spinnaker down, gybe, round and harden up for home, manoeuvre, leaving Jolly Roger (thank you for the duct tape Roger), Flying Colours and Zaphod in their wake, in that order.

Hopefully, the series results are attached.
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