Tuesday, 21 April 2015

21st April Parkstone Monday Evening Series

Vinyl Solutions, helmed by a 13 year old, came 3rd! That will do. End of report!!

If only......After a great beat up to Glovers in a very narrow channel with plenty of sand and mud on view throughout Poole harbour, the breeze died and the fleet of eight J24s drifted on an ever increasing flood tide, which diminished the wind strength even more, all the way to Hutchins beyond Poole YC. Pheonix led the way, followed by Flying Colours, Madeleine and Jolly Roger. The beat back proved to be even more testing, with the mud being leant into on several occasions.
Then the controversy......the Race Officer shortened the course to finish to port of Buoy 28, but not everyone heard the change of course and, whilst Pheonix, Flying Colours and Madeleine made their way to finish at the box, the remaining boats went for the shortened course finish.
So Jolly Roger finished first, Jobs for the Buoys second and Vinyl Solutions third whilst Wijt and Zaphod finally gave up the ghost.
So what is the result? Perhaps Pheonix and Jolly Roger could be equal first and so on? Or the result stands as the Race Officer dictates? Or the places at Hutchins could be counted? Or the whole result is canned (hope not! ). I believe a protest is to be heard.
Over to you Race Officer or Fleet Captain.




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A lovely evening on the water

Friday, 17 April 2015

J24s at Parkstone Mon 13th April

Another beautiful evening with a larger J24 fleet than the previous week; eight boats on the start line but a dying Westerly breeze meant a slow, tricky beat to Hutchins buoy, beyond Poole YC. The fleet spread across the harbour but the first six boats arrived at the windward mark almost at the same time. Jolly Roger led the spinnaker run with Zaphod and Crackerjack close behind.
Crackerjack got the better of Zaphod on the run and after a 180 degree wind shift, the latter was 
"mugged" ( not my word...ed) out of 3rd place by Jobs for the Buoys.

1st 4270 Jolly Roger
2nd 4074 Crackerjack
3rd  4263 Jobs for the Buoys
4th 4239 Zaphod
5th 4265 Madeleine
6th 4222 Pheonix
7th 4266 Flying Colours
8th 4067 Vinyl Solutions

The series results will be posted on the Club Results board each week.

William Lack

Friday, 10 April 2015

J24 at Parkstone Mon 7th April

Here is the first report of the season from William, and first results:

A beautifully warm evening, a gentle northerly breeze, very little water in the harbour, and a wind direction that made it difficult to achieve a meaningful beat. Four J24s set off despite a little confusion with regard to whether a race was supposed to happen. Northshore Homes was left to starboard and the North Channel was followed until spinnakers could be raised around Bell and on down to a port rounding at Amey Group buoy in South Deep. A strong incoming tide allowed Vinyl Solutions to squeeze past Flying Colours on the subsequent beat whilst Madeleine stayed well out in the lead. Meanwhile Jobs for the Buoys found the ground for too long and never recovered.
Flying Colours took advantage of uncertainty about crossing the start line on a downwind leg, and retook second place from Vinyl Solutions.

1st Madeleine
2nd Flying Colours
3rd Vinyl Solutions
4th Jobs for the Buoys