Monday, 25 April 2016

Monday 25th April

A blustery damp day gave way to a blustery but clear evening for the 2nd of the J24 Spring series races. The NW direction of the wind and the severity of the gusts did not make things easier for the 7 boats which took to the start line.
After Hamish race mark, a long run to Bell race mark ensued and there were more wraps than at a Tesco lunch counter as spinnakers were fought with rather than flown. Crackerjack was nearly mooring up for an early beer at the Royal Motor YC before they managed to douse their recalcitrant headsail !
Wisely Vinyl Solutions decided against using one and actually gained a position or two within the fleet.
However, the breeze died so this safety first policy subsequently proved unsuccessful.
Madeleine romped home ahead of Flying Colours whilst Crackerjack recovered to 3rd.
Unfortunately Zaphod came a cropper on a sandbank and subsequently retired, whilst the rest of us switched on the nav. lights a persevered to finish at Ro Ro !
Bring on those nice warm summer's evenings.
1st 4265 Madeleine
2nd 4266. Flying Colours
3rd 4074. Crackerjack
4th 4235. Wijit
5th 4263 Jobs for the Buoys
6th 4067 Vinyl Solutions
DNF 4239 Zaphod

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Monday 18th April

Parkstone Yacht Club J24 Monday Evening Spring Series 2016
18th April 25th April
4266 Flying Colours 1 Congratulations to William Pollock and crew on board Flying Colours.
4177 Chaotic 2 Once the initial excessive drag situation had been sorted
4265 Madeleine 3 they proceeded to overtake the entire fleet to claim the first first of the 2016 season.
4074 Crackerjack 4 An excellent evening sail for all beating up to Hutchins and running back to 
4235 Wijit 5 leave Northshore Homes to port, where several place changes were achieved
4263 Jobs for the Buoys 6 before finishing at the box.
4239 Zaphod 7 Gentle SW breeze. More of the same please.
4067 Vinyl Solutions 8
William Lack