Monday, 21 May 2018

Thursday 18th May

A calm Thursday evening, in a decreasing breeze, which threatened to become a zephyr, or even a race stopper, greeted the six J24s on 18th May, at the RMYC. An in harbour course, with a running start, along the North Channel, was set. Once again, despite being glacierly slow in getting their spinnaker set, Wijt took the lead and never gave it away.
Jobs for the Buoys and Crackerjack gave chase but the latter succumbed to the first grounding of the evening and had to start playing catch up. Madeleine started much later but, after spotting and following a brilliant tactical move by Crackerjack, found themselves competing at the top table. We, on Crackerjack, again found the mud so, generously, allowed Jobs for the Buoys to pip us at the post. Sadly Zaphod also found the mud but were unable to extricate themselves before everyone else had set off to the bar.

1st Wijt
2nd Madeleine
3rd Jobs for the Buoys
4th Crackerjack
5th Flying Colours
(DNF) Zaphod 

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