Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Monday 3rd July 2017

After two Mondays of drifting around the harbour and crawling over the finishing line, on Monday we were treated to a SW Force 4 which prompted our Race Officer to send us out to Branksome. Unfortunately for us this was the one time we, on Vinyl Solutions, were a little light on crew (actually we are always light, but this time we were only four up, so even lighter than usual). I like to get my excuses in early !!  Having competed quite favourably over the last few weeks we were actually a bit disappointed to be left so far behind, but a quite spectacular broach at Poole Head didn't exactly help. Character building stuff though !! Disappointed but not downhearted we joined the Class 2 finishers having watched the little white triangles of the J 24 fleet finishing more than a little while earlier!
Meanwhile, Wijit and Jolly Roger jostled with Flying Colours at the front end of the fleet in what was a great evening's sail.


1st 4235 Wijit
2nd 4270  Jolly Roger
3rd  4266 Flying Colours
4th 4263  Jobs for the Buoys
5th 4236 OJ
6th 4239  Zaphod
7th  4067  Vinyl Solutions

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