Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Monday 26th June 2016

With a Westerly breeze and, initially, a slight incoming tide, a course was set to use Hamish as the windward mark and the Bar Buoy as a Leeward mark. After a long spinnaker run out of the harbour there ensued a battle to return against an ever increasing ebb tide and a decreasing breeze.
Unfortunately, Madeleine and Pheonix incorrectly negotiated the Northshore beacon and subsequently retired, Easy Tiger fell foul of the training bank and one or two others touched bottom in Shell Bay.
After our initial euphoria, on board Vinyl Solutions, of making a decent beat, a speedy spinnaker hoist, and an good run, we found ourselves on the wrong side of the incoming Condor ferry and tired ourselves out on the countless tacks, culminating of sitting and waiting for the Chain Ferry to leave Studland.
However, I was told we had scored a finish "on the water" so we accepted that (as, I believe, did Easy Tiger)
Congratulations to those who made the finish line at the Box.
I think this was the final positions, but PLEASE let me know if I am wrong.

1st 4270  Jolly Roger
2nd 4074  Crackerjack
3rd 4263  Jobs for the Buoys
4th 4239  Zaphod (without Skipper Phil)
5th 406  XP Rigging
6th 4222 Easy Tiger
7th 4067 Vinyl Solutions
Ret 4242  Pheonix
Ret  4265  Madeleine
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