Monday, 25 April 2016

Monday 18th April

Parkstone Yacht Club J24 Monday Evening Spring Series 2016
18th April 25th April
4266 Flying Colours 1 Congratulations to William Pollock and crew on board Flying Colours.
4177 Chaotic 2 Once the initial excessive drag situation had been sorted
4265 Madeleine 3 they proceeded to overtake the entire fleet to claim the first first of the 2016 season.
4074 Crackerjack 4 An excellent evening sail for all beating up to Hutchins and running back to 
4235 Wijit 5 leave Northshore Homes to port, where several place changes were achieved
4263 Jobs for the Buoys 6 before finishing at the box.
4239 Zaphod 7 Gentle SW breeze. More of the same please.
4067 Vinyl Solutions 8
William Lack 

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