Monday, 7 September 2015

Monday 7th September

What a shame to miss out yet again whilst Vinyl Solutions sits on the concrete!!

An almost windless start saw Jobs for the Buoys and Madeleine over the line, so our Worlds' representatives on board Pheonix, led at the first windward mark.
However, their German exploits took their toll and Georgina, Sophie and friends slipped back to finish 4th behind Flying Colours and Crackerjack.
Madeleine, meanwhile recovered from their poor start, to register yet another win in the series .

1st 4265 Madeleine
2nd 4266 Flying Colours
3rd 4074 Crackerjack
4th 4222 Pheonix
5th 4263 Jobs for the Buoys
6th 4235 Wijit
7th 4239 Zaphod

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