Friday, 5 June 2015

Monday 1st June

Congratulations to Jolly Roger. As soon as the N flag was raised on Monday on the Club flagstaff, Roger Morris and his crew were declared winners of the Parkstone Monday evening Spring Series.
The wind was far to gusty, even though the Laser fleet did venture out, no doubt for several dunkings all round.

So the series results which are on the results board read like this:

1st Jolly Roger 6 points, six straight wins!
2nd Madeleine. 16 points
3rd Wijit. 28 points
4th Jobs for the Buoys 31 points
5th Zaphod 32 points
6th Flying Colours 34 points
7th Pheonix 40 points
8th Vinyl Solutions. 46 points
9th Crackerjack. 47 points

Next Monday start of the Summer Series.


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