Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Parkstone J24 Monday evening series 4th May

Jolly Roger romped away again !!  " It's the classy team uniform that makes them go so quickly" according to the team on board Vinyl Solutions.
A couple of tacks into the easterly breeze, as the rain steadily increased in density, took us against a strong incoming tide, along the North Channel. Then spinnakers up before the Royal Motor YC. At the North Haven Beacon the tide took us sideways until the sanctuary of Stoney Island was reached. A tack around Amy Group buoy left some wishing they had achieved a windward drop. We tried but failed miserably and nearly ran the buoy down!  Viscous gusts past Brownsea  almost caused wet feet to windward!! and after running downtide to buoy 28 a beat inshore to the finishing line proved the undoing of some and a few place changes, with Zaphod capitalising on one.

1st 4270 Jolly Roger
2nd 4265 Madeleine
3rd 4266 Flying Colours
4th 4235 Wijit
5th 4239 Zaphod
6th 4263 Jobs for the Buoys
7th 4067 Vinyl Solutions
8th 4222 Pheonix

I am still awaiting a decision on the result of the race on 20th April to post the series positions


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